Graphene-modified textile products of NGIC debuted at the 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival and the 27th Ningbo International Fashion Festival



From 19th to 21st October, graphene-modified textile products of National Graphene Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as NGIC) debuted at the 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival and the 27th Ningbo International Fashion Festival. During the exhibition, NGIC showcased series of graphene applications and new products in the fields of textile, health and wellness, and home appliances, along with several incubated companiespracticing the vision and mission of GRAPHENE FOR BETTER LIFE.

At the exhibition, the global first launch of over a hundred graphene textile product series was held. Four consecutive fashion shows for two days to showcase the application of graphene-modified functional textile fabrics in sports and leisure, outdoor activities, workwear, and home furnishings. The exhibited graphene-modified textile products made by G-Fashion company were manufactured from environment-friendly materials such as recycled polyester, recycled nylon, and organic cotton.

Graphene is well known to the excellent multifunctional properties, such as UV resistance, far-infrared radiation, and antibacterial activity, therefore the graphene textile products are endowed with sun protection, therapy, and health care functions, which are expected to contribute to the innovative development of traditional textile industry.

In addition to graphene textile product series, graphene far-infrared therapy wearable products, graphene far-infrared energy rooms, graphene far-infrared heaters, graphene electric heating film floor heating, graphene far-infrared mattresses were also exhibited in the festival.

At this fashion festival, NGIC’s exhibition received widespread attention, with over 230,000 online and offline visitors. NGIC was awarded the Fashion Technology Award by the organizing committee.

The event, formerly known as the Ningbo International Fashion Fair, was launched in 1997 and renamed the Ningbo Fashion Festival in 2019. It was the first large fashion event to be held in the city. The Ningbo Fashion Festival has witnessed the development and prosperity of the local garment industry and has become one of China's largest fashion exhibitions.