Congratulations! NGIC Held a Celebration for the First Anniversary


On 17th November 2023, National Graphene Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as NGIC) held a celebration for the first anniversary of the establishment of NGIC and the sixth anniversary of the establishment of Ningbo Graphene Innovation Center Co., Ltd. About 300 representatives from government, shareholders, enterprises, as well as the members of China Innovation Alliance of the Graphene Industry (hereinafter referred to as CGIA), NGIC, and incubated companies participated in the event.


In November 2022, NGIC was officially approved to establish by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, after one year of rapid construction and development, the construction space has exceeded 60,000 m2 in Ningbo, including 20,000 m2 operational headquarters base, 30,000 m2 R&D center, and 10,000 m2 collaborative innovation base.17351700278092_.pic_hd



NGIC currently has about 160 employees, with R&D personnel accounting for nearly 90%, including over 50% with graduate degrees. NGIC has also attracted high-level talents in the field of graphene applications from all over the world. At present, more than 20 research teams that implement innovation projects regarding preparation and application of graphene have been established.


Over the past one year, 7 R&D platforms have been constructed, including graphene preparation technology and key equipment platform, graphene-based battery technology platform, graphene-based thermal conductive materials technology platform, etc. Based on these platforms.


NGIC has made significant progresses in technological innovation, including 8 technological achievements, 55 new patent applications, 4 group standards, and 13 newly incubated companies. In addition, NGIC organized dozens of high-level conferences and forums in the field of graphene research and applications, effectively enhancing the influence in the graphene industry.

It is worth mentioning that, at the event, Dr Li Yichun, Chairman of CGIA, presented the "Ten Years of Entrepreneurship, the Chinese Dream of Graphene" Entrepreneurial Merit Award to Dr Liu Zhaoping, Director of NGIC, also professor of the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. This award recognized Dr Liu’s outstanding contributions to the research and commercialization of graphene technology, and his dedication to advancing the industrialization of graphenecIn his speech, Director Liu Zhaoping stated that in the past year, NGIC has adhered to the development concept of focusing on demand, crowdfunding and co-innovation, and co-establishing and sharing, to accelerating NGIC’s construction and development. In future, we will focus on national and industry development needs, accelerate the key generic technology breakthroughs, and fulfill the mission of graphene for better life, to promoting the high-quality development of the graphene industry.


At the celebration event, employees of NGIC and incubated companies, and graduate students from the Graphene Engineering Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences presented a wonderful artistic performance.