Congratulations! National Graphene Innovation Center Graphene Thermal Conductive Membrane Project Wins Second Prize


On July 31, the graphene heat-conducting film project of National Graphene Innovation Center won the second prize of "Agricultural Bank of China Cup" in the final of Zhenhai SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of the Eighth "Creative China" Ningbo City, and was successfully promoted to the city-level rematch.


The competition was guided by Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economy and Informatization and Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Finance, and hosted by Zhenhai District Bureau of Economy and Informatization. Gu Miaojun, deputy director of Zhenhai District Economy and Information Technology Bureau, attended the final round, and Ren Liang, secretary of the party committee and president of Agricultural Bank of China Zhenhai Sub-branch, Liang Dan, deputy director of Ningbo University Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, Cao Jun, national innovation and entrepreneurship tutor, Yu Xinghu, chairman of Ningbo Intelligent Equipment Research Institute Co., Ltd, and Ying Xin, general manager of Zhejiang Robotics Investment Management Company, served as the review experts.


The competition was held in the form of "8-minute roadshow + 5-minute defense". Dr. Guo Yufen, the person in charge of the graphene thermal conductive film project, focused on the necessity and feasibility of the high-end graphene thermal conductive material project under the title of "Graphene Thermal Conductive Product Development for 5G Communication", and reported on the project's technological advantages, progress of the construction, patent achievements, the core team, and the development plan, etc. The experts of the judging panel asked questions about the project. During the defense session, the experts of the jury asked questions about the project, and Dr. Guo Yufen answered them one by one.


A total of 7 projects participated in the roadshow defense of the contest creators group, 5 review experts comprehensive project overall situation, respectively, from the market, technology, team, results and other dimensions of the roadshow project on-site evaluation and scoring, Dr. Guo Yufen team project won the second prize in the group of creators, and successfully advanced to the municipal level of the competition.


This competition helps to stimulate the atmosphere of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, gather entrepreneurial resources, encourage more and more high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises and creators, enhance the ability of independent innovation, unswervingly take the road of "specialization, specialization and innovation" development, and help Ningbo accelerate to build a global capital of intellectual innovation.