National Graphene Innovation Center Held a Special Working Meeting on "Standardizing Procurement Management and Building a Line of probity"


In the afternoon of April 4, 2023, National Graphene Innovation Center held a special working meeting on "Standardizing Procurement Management and Building a Line of probity". Senior management, heads of departments, heads of subsidiaries, project directors and procurement management related personnel attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Gang Yang, Vice General Manager of Graphene Innovation Center.

The first agenda project of the meeting

Haiyan Yu, head of Procurement Management Office, introduced the adjustment and optimization of procurement business and the whole process of specific matters from application to approval from the aspects of procurement mode classification, procurement process, system application and list of controlled information, and introduced the work functions and membership of each group such as procurement leading group, bidding leading group, procurement working group and bidding working group.


The second agenda project of the meeting

Gang Yang explained the background and significance of the establishment of the procurement supervision and management working group. Gang Yang pointed out that the establishment of the procurement supervision and management working group is a powerful initiative to regulate the procurement behavior, which is conducive to strengthening the supervision and management of the staff of each functional position in the company, and is conducive to further improving the company's procurement rules and regulations, and will play an important role in further clarifying the work procedures, operation specifications, post responsibility and accountability system.

After the Graphene Innovation Center was upgraded to a national manufacturing innovation center, it pushed the company to a higher level of development, but also put forward higher requirements for the company's management level and governance ability. All employees should deeply understand the importance and necessity of today's meeting, always tighten the string of adhering to the company's rules and regulations, keep the bottom line of principles, achieve integrity and self-discipline, dedication, and work together to create a good atmosphere for the development of the company's cleanliness and integrity.


The third agenda project of the meeting

The participants collectively watched the anti-corruption feature film of clean Zhejiang. The feature film shows the determination of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Jinping Xi as the core to comprehensively rule the Party, to convey the determination of punishing corruption without "special zones" and "no-go areas" to the corrupt elements who are lucky and do not know how to restrain themselves, and to convey to the people of China the determination of the CPC to courageously The company's main goal is to make sure that the company's products and services are not too expensive.


The fourth agenda project of the meeting

Kun Yang, General Manager of National Graphene Innovation Center, summarized the meeting. Kun Yang emphasized the need to implement the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Jinping Xi at the work conference on party construction in the central and state organs, and the participants today should set an example and start from me to form a "head goose effect" in the company. We should start from small things and details, establish integrity, speak principles, abide by discipline, resist corruption, and build a red line of company rules and regulations. We hope that the participants will fully understand the spirit of today's meeting and promote its implementation to the team members after the meeting, strictly regulate the procurement management and process, and provide solid support to promote the high-quality construction of the Graphene Innovation Center.