Standards Research|Notice of the Workshop on Graphene Layer Characterization Technology and Standards Development


All relevant companies:

As the application and development fields of graphene materials become more and more extensive, the demand for graphene standards from upstream and downstream enterprises has become more and more urgent. For this reason, domestic and foreign standards organizations at all levels, including the Graphene Alliance, have actively carried out the creation of a series of graphene-related standards. The number of layers of graphene material as the most basic and core material parameters, although several domestic standards organizations have released several characterization technology standards, but from the feedback of the actual application effect, enterprises generally reflect that few testing institutions can give clear, clear test conclusions, can not tell whether it is graphene material, this status quo has seriously affected the communication and cooperation between graphene companies and downstream application companies. The reason is that most of the existing characterization methods are microscopic and the test conclusions are not statistically significant. Therefore, it is urgent to establish a system of characterization methods based on macroscopic statistical significance.

In November 2022, the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approved the preparation of the National Graphene Innovation Center, as an important innovation force and public service platform for the graphene industry, it has the responsibility to carry out research on common key technologies including characterization technologies that are relevant to the development of the graphene industry, and to create more scientific and applicable graphene characterization method standards together with the strengths of various superior teams within the nations. From January 2023, the National Graphene Innovation Center Standards Research and Service Center set up a special standards preparation team to conduct a detailed sorting and comparative analysis of existing national standards, local standards and group standards related to graphene material layer characterization, to refine and summarize the key factors affecting the testing, to conduct a detailed analysis and comparison of the many graphene testing method patent technologies applied by private graphene companies. Relying on the past testing experience and new methods pioneered by the Public Testing Center of Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, a new set of ideas, methods and logic for the layer characterization method of graphene materials was initially refined on the basis of these three aspects.

In order to listen to the opinions and suggestions of graphene upstream and downstream enterprises, the National Graphene Innovation Center and Z-park Graphene Industry Alliance will hold a workshop on "Graphene layer characterization technology and standard preparation" in Beijing on April 27, 2023, to share the preliminary research results of the standard preparation team and invite experts from some enterprises and testing institutions to We will also invite some experts from enterprises and testing institutions to share the results and experiences of characterization development. All companies are welcome to participate.