Zhenhai District Doctoral (High-Level Talents) Fellowship entered the National Graphene Innovation Center and Zhenhai District Talent Policy Promotion Meeting was successfully held


In order to further attract talents, promote communication, strengthen the platform, and optimize the ecology, and help the science and innovation platform and talent enterprises in the district to better understand the policy, use the policy, and make full use of the policy, Zhenhai District Doctor (high-level talent) Fellowship entered the National Graphene Innovation Center and Zhenhai District Talent Policy Seminar was successfully held on May 19.

The event was hosted by the District Talent Office and the District Economic and Information Bureau, and organized by the District Doctoral (High-Level Talent) Association and the National Graphene Innovation Center, with the participation of the heads of local science and innovation platforms such as Zhejiang Research Institute of Tianjin University, Ningbo Zhongwu New Materials Industry Technology Research Institute, Sinopec Ningbo New Materials Research Institute, National Graphene Innovation Center, Zhejiang Magnetic Materials Application Technology Innovation Center and some heads of talent enterprises and members of the Doctoral (High-Level Talent) Fellowship.


Participants first visited the theme exhibition hall of the National Graphene Innovation Center. Xu Dan, Deputy General Manager of the Graphene Innovation Center, introduced the R&D achievements and industrialization applications of the Center in the fields of new energy, power batteries, marine corrosion protection, composite materials, energy saving and environmental protection, electronic information, etc., and focused on the pioneering and transformative technologies brought by graphene to traditional applications, such as the "Super Copper" project, and gave a detailed introduction.

After the visit, the District Economic and Information Bureau, District Science and Technology Bureau, District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, District Market Supervision Bureau and other relevant functional departments on talent attraction, incentives and subsidies, intellectual property rights and other aspects of the policy for a detailed interpretation. The scene atmosphere is positive, cordial and frequent communication, the participants have said that the visit to send policy is very timely, for the next step to recruit talent to provide the direction to follow.

At the meeting, Qiu Shixian, Deputy Director of the District Party Committee Organization Department and Executive Deputy Director of the District Party Committee Talent Office, firstly affirmed the work done by the National Graphene Innovation Center in recent years in terms of scientific and technological innovation and talent attraction and cultivation. He pointed out that the science and innovation platform and talent enterprises are effective carriers to gather innovation resources and innovative talents, and the functional departments should precisely match the demand and take the initiative to provide services to provide broader space and more comprehensive protection for all kinds of talents to display their talents, so as to attract more innovative and entrepreneurial talents to enter and stay in Zhenhai, and provide talent support for the construction of the modern coastal metropolis, the strong district of science and innovation and the city of quality.